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    • HBR guide to delivering effective feedback

Corporate Author:
Place of Publication:
  • Boston, Massachusetts
Publication Date:
  • 2016
    • 9781633691643
    • vi, 203 pages
    • 23 cm
Binding Method:
  • Paperback
Bibliographical Note:
    • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • To help your employees meet their goals and fulfil their potential, you need to provide them with regular feedback. But the prospect of sharing potentially negative news can be overwhelming. How do you construct your message so that it's not only well received but also expressed in a way that encourages change? Whether you're commending exemplary work or addressing problem behavior, the HBR Guide to Delivering Effective Feedback provides you with practical advice and tips to transform any performance discussion--from weekly check-ins to annual reviews--into an opportunity for growth and development. You'll learn to: establish trust with your direct reports; assess their performance fairly; emphasise improvement, even in criticism; react calmly to a defensive feedback recipient; recognise and motivate star performers; and create individualised development plans.


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