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    • Universal healthcare without the NHS : towards a patient-centred health system

Statement of Responsibility:
    • Kristian Niemietz
Place of Publication:
  • London
Publication Date:
  • 2016
    • 9780255367370
    • xviii, 152 pages
    • 22 cm
Binding Method:
  • Paperback
Bibliographical Note:
    • Bibliography
  • The  National  Health  Service  remains  the  sacred  cow  of  British  politics  –  any  criticism  is  considered  beyond  the  pale,  guaranteed  to  trigger  angry  responses  and  accusations of bad faith. This book argues that the NHS should not be insulated from reasoned debate. In terms of health outcomes, it is one  of  the  worst  systems  in  the  developed  world,  well  behind those of other high-income countries. The  NHS  does  achieve  universal  access  to  healthcare,  but  so  do  the  health  systems  in  every  other  developed  country (with the exception of the US). Britain is far from being the only country where access to healthcare does not depend on an individual’s ability to pay. Author   Kristian   Niemietz   draws   on   a   wealth   of   international evidence to develop a vision for a universal healthcare   system   based   on   consumer   sovereignty,   freedom   of   choice,   competition   and   pluralism.   His roadmap for reform charts a path from the status quo to a more desirable and effective alternative. [Source: book cover]

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