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    • Clinical communication in medicine

Statement of Responsibility:
    • edited by Jo Brown, Lorraine M. Noble, Alexia Papageorgiou, Jane Kidd
Place of Publication:
  • Chichester
Publication Date:
  • 2016
    • 9781118728246
    • 9781118728239
Bibliographical Note:
    • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Brings together the theories, models and evidence that underpin effective healthcare communication in one accessible volume. Endorsed and developed by members of the UK Council of Clinical Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education, it traces the subject to its primary disciplinary origins, looking at how it is practised, taught and learned today, as well as considering future directions. Focuses on three key areas the doctor-patient relationship, core components of clinical communication, and effective teaching and assessment.  Includes a chapter on models of feedback.
  • Part 1: The doctor-patient relationship; Part 2: Components of communication; Part 2A: Core tasks in clinical communication; Part 2B: Diversity issues in clinical communication and cultural diversity; Part 2C: Interprofessional communication; Part 3: Learning, teaching and assessment; Part 3A: Models of learning; Part 3B: The assessment of communication.
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