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    • Human resource management

Statement of Responsibility:
    • Derek Torrington, Laura Hall, Stephen Taylor, Carol Atkinson
    • Ninth edition
Place of Publication:
  • Harlow
Publication Date:
  • 2014
    • 9780273786634
    • xxi, 673 pages
    • photographs (colour)
    • 27 cm
Binding Method:
  • Paperback
  • Comprehensively covering all major areas of the field, this edition has been updated with the issues and debates facing HRM today. Key features include:
    • case studies that contextualise theory in well known organisations such as Rolls Royce, McDonald’s and the BBC World Service
    • integrated activity and discussion boxes to encourage deeper thinking and understanding of each chapter
    • skills content to help develop the specific employability skills necessary for a successful HR practitioner.
  • Part 1 Human resource management in changing times 1. The nature of HRM 2. The global context of HRM 3. Strategic HRM 4. Workforce planning Part 2 Resourcing: 5. Organisation design and flexibility 6. Recruitment 7. Selection methods and decisions 8. Staff engagement & retention 9. Ending the contract Part 3 Performance: 10. Employee performance management 11 Leadership 12. Managing attendance and absence Part 4 Development: 13. Organisation development and change 14. The context of employee learning and development 15. Learning and development 16. Talent and career development Part 5 Employee relations: 17. Employee voice 18. The legal framework of work 19. Equal opportunities and diversity 20. Discipline and grievance Part 6 Reward: the contract for payment 21. Setting pay 22. Incentives 23. Pensions and benefits Part 7 Contemporary issues 24. Ethics and corporate social responsibility 25. Managing the HR function 26. Health and wellbeing 27. Managing the international workforce Part 8 A miscellany of HR skills I. Face-to-face and other communication skills II. The selection interview III. The appraisal interview IV Coaching V Presentation VI Mediation VII The disciplinary or grievance interview VIII Report writing IX Presentation at tribunal X. Dealing with bullying XI. Skills for analysis and decision making XI Statistical techniques XII Job analysis XIII Designing procedures XIV Designing questionnaires XV Using consultants.


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