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    • ABC of learning and teaching in medicine

Statement of Responsibility:
    • edited by Peter Cantillon, Diana Wood, Sarah Yardley
    • Third edition
Place of Publication:
  • Chichester
Publication Date:
  • 2017
    • 9781118892176
    • 9781118892152
  • Aimed at practitioners who teach in a clinical setting, and should be relevant to those new to teaching as well as to qualified health professionals. Chapters cover the theory of learning and teaching, but the emphasis is more on the practicalities of teaching. Emphasises the teacher's role as a facilitator of learning rather than a transmitter of knowledge, and is designed to be practical and accessible not only to those new to the profession, but also to those who wish to keep abreast of developments in medical education. Fully updated and revised, this new edition continues to provide an accessible account of the most important domains of medical education including educational design, assessment, feedback and evaluation.
  • 1. Becoming a better teacher, Peter Cantillon; 2. Educational theory: an overview, Tim Dornan, Gerard J. Gormley, and Sarah Yardley; 3. Inquiry-based learning, Inam Haq; 4. Course design, Deborah Gill; 5. Creating educational materials, Vimmi Passi and Alan Dellow; 6. Creating a safe and effective learning environment, Jeremy Webb; 7. Feedback in medical education: skills for improving learner performance, Joan Sargeant and Karen Mann; 8. Small group learning, Gary D. Rogers and Peter M. Hamilton; 9. Lectures, lecturing and learning, Peter Cantillon; 10. Simulation in healthcare education, Jean Ker and Ben Shippey; 11. Workplace learning: promoting strengths addressing weaknesses, Pim W. Teunissen and Walter Eppich; 12. Learner supervision, Ed Peile; 13. Formative assessment, Diana Wood; 14. Written assessment, Lambert W.T. Schuwirth and Cees P.M. van der Vleuten; 15. Skill-based assessment, Val Wass; 16. Work-based assessment, John Norcini and Eric Holmboe; 17. Quality assurance of assessments, Celia Taylor; 18. Students in difficulty, Dason Evans and Jo Brown; 19. Teaching and learning professionalism, Rachel Morris and Hilary Neve; 20. Social media and learning, Natalie T. Lafferty and Annalisa Manca; 21. The mindful clinician-teacher, Stephen Liben; 22. Evaluation, Jill Morrison.
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