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    • Clinical teaching made easy : a practical guide to teaching and learning in clinical settings

Statement of Responsibility:
    • Judy McKimm and Tim Swanwick
Place of Publication:
  • London
Publication Date:
  • 2010
    • 9781856424080
    • 9781856424431
  • Based on the popular 'Clinical teaching made easy' series published in the British Journal of Hospital Medicine, this book covers all major areas of clinical teaching and training. Key aspects of clinical teaching and learning including appraisal, supervision, career development, workplace-based assessment are covered, with current methods examined and explained.
  • 1. Introduction; 2. Assessing learning needs; 3. Setting educational objectives; 4. Curriculum and course design; 5. Giving effective feedback; 6. Supervision; 7. Facilitating learning in the workplace; 8. Improve your lecturing; 9. Small group teaching; 10. Involving patients in clinical teaching; 11. Workplace based assessment; 12. Interprofessional learning; 13. e-learning for clinical teachers; 14. Using simulation in clinical education; 15. Structured assessments of clinical competence; 16. Appraisal; 17. Careers support; 18. Mentoring; 19. Managing poor performance; 20. Diversity, equal opportunities and human rights; 21. Introduction to educational research; 22. Professional development of medical educators; 23. Assuring and enhancing educational quality.
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