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    • ABC of learning and teaching in medicine

Statement of Responsibility:
    • edited by Peter Cantillon, Diana Wood
    • Second edition
Place of Publication:
  • Chichester
Publication Date:
  • 2010
    • 9781405185974
    • 9781444323238
  • Introductory text for doctors and health professionals starting out in their careers as well as offering teaching tips and new perspectives for busy practitioners wishing to keep abreast of developments in medical education. Practical and accessible it covers core medical education topics such as course design, assessment, learning in groups, feedback, and the creation of learning materials. New chapters cover some of the challenges of medical education such as the teaching of professionalism in clinical settings.
  • 1. Applying educational theory in practice, David Kaufman; 2. Course design, John Bligh and Julie Brice; 3. Collaborative learning, Diana Wood; 4. Evaluation, Jillian Morrison; 5. Teaching large groups, Peter Cantillon; 6. Teaching small groups, David Jaques; 7. Feedback in medical education..., Joan Sargeant and Karen Mann; 8. Learning and teaching in the clinical environment, John Spencer; 9. Written assessment, Lambert Schuwirth and Cees van der Vleuten; 10. Skill-based assessment, Val Wass; 11. Work-based assessment, John Norcini and Eric Holmboe; 12. Direct observation tools for workplace-based assessment, Peter Cantillon and Diana Wood; 13. Learning environment, Jill Thistlethwaite; 14. Creating teaching materials, Jean Ker and Anne Hesketh; 15. Learning and teaching professionalism, Richard Cruess and Sylvia Cruess; 16. Making it all happen: faculty development for busy teachers, Yvonne Steinert; 17. Supporting students in difficulty, Dason Evans and Jo Brown.
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